A Sector Divided

What's old is New

Some of our crew encounter a mysterious temple

After the crew had recovered from the fight with the Pirates they decided to split up and take two jobs after a tense interview with Garlish Honglu.

One group agrees to take the original contract and deliver the mysterious vases, or at least the one remaining, to a University of Darkmore Research site on the planet (INSERT NAME HERE). The other group agreed to provide an escort for the Traders Union to pick up some plaster turrets for the refueling station B1-342.

just as both groups were getting ready to leave several members suddenly came down with stomach pains and were forced to remain behind in the refresher.

Group One took a YT-1300 freighter left behind by the pirates as their ship. during the flight, they discovered a heavily encrypted computer that they were unable to slice it effectively. Upon arrival at the planet, the crew was met with a frosty welcome as their ship still carried the logo of the Pirates, a blue fist made of tentacles surrounded by a circle. After sorting that out they discovered that the Vases were actually a data storage device for some ancient civilisation, and that the university was seeking to get the computers running in the temple to try and unlock the data within. But, they had hit a snag as a mysterious beast or beasts had infiltrated the abandoned temple and were attacking researchers.

The crew agreed to clear the temple, in exchange for help slicing the mystery computer. After a brief exploration where they triggered a pit trap Samrrrr went into a Wookie rage at the sound of a mysterious beast and charged after it. It ambushed him but as it ran he identified it as a Nexu.

Continuing their exploring they discovered that a pride of Nexu had infiltrated the temple, killing one they detonated a Thermal detonator to clear some rubble and discovered the rest of the pride. After a brief but vicious fire fight, they were able to clear the temple just before University security forces arrived to "help out".

As per their agreement, the university staff helped them slice the computer and the crew discovered some information that would help several factions in dealing with the Pirates in the sector. In particular, they discovered two names, "The Squid" and "Jarpo" are heavily involved in the pirate group.

Meanwhile the other crew arrived on the junkworld (INSERT NAME HERE) where they met with some salvagers who had arranged the sale of a Correllian Corvette Turbolaser battery to the Traders Union. Upon meeting the salvagers the crew was attacked by some of the pirates seeking revenge for thwarting the raid on the refueling station. Whilst seeing them off, they also had to find the hidden control unit for the turbolaser battery. Several more conflicts ensued before the crew could leave the planet, but they were ultimately successful and now B1-342 might be able to hold its own if pirates come again.

What now for our intrepid crew, what happened to those who were sick? Will they chase down the Pirates or do they have other jobs available to them? tune in next time to find out.


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